Urban Arts Partnership presents SMARTBOMB LABS; a fellowship that provides support for high school students, educators, and developers with innovative ideas that integrate the arts and technology to drive learning.
With support from Urban Arts Partnership and New York University’s Music Experience Design Lab, four teams comprised of at least one student, one educator, and one developer will be provided with free lab time, resources, and support from experts to move their project forward. Students and teachers with wildly creative ideas, but no developer, will be matched with one.
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The Smartbomb Labs requires a commitment to attending development workshops and lab time with your team. In exchange for your commitment and following thru with the fellowship, Urban Arts Partnership will provide all teams with:
• A $1000 budget
• A Chromebook donated by Google
• 48 hours of free lab time at UAP and NYUMentorship support from leaders in the field
• Multiple opportunities to pitch to potential sponsors and angel investors
An invitation to collaborate with NYU’s Designing Technologies for Music Making, Learning, and Engagement course (a $4,458 value).

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